Coaching & Support Team

LDBC are pleased to have a strong group of volunteer coaches and support staff that work together to deliver fun, exciting and educational sessions. Their time and pateince is invaluable and the backbone of the clubs work.





Fiona Cameron - Level 1A


I coach at Musselburgh.  This is now my second season at LDBC and during that time I have achieved my Level 1 and Level 1 Advanced coaching qualifications. 

I have been playing competitive badminton almost my entire life and competed at County level back in my heyday!  Badminton has always been such a huge part of my life and I thought it was time to give something back to the sport.  I started, a number of years ago, coaching at a local primary school and when the opportunity arose to join LDBC, I considered it a fantastic chance to not only develop my coaching skills but to help others gain new skills. 

As a coach at the Club, my aim is to help players improve but mostly want them to enjoy badminton as much as I do.  The best thing about coaching at the Club is the players enthusiasm.  There is nothing they cannot do or achieve and they are, quite simply, inspirational.  It’s a fun club and everyone is always smiling!

Lyndon Williams - Level 3 


I mainly coach at the Musselburgh Section but should get across more to support Bathgate!!

I have been coaching for 30 years (started at 18) I feel very old!

I became involved with Disability Badminton in 2002 while working for Welsh Badminton. I found it new and exciting and for me as a coach it offered different challenges. It's great to be involved with something from the start and when I moved to Scotland I really wanted to start a disability club.

My aim is to see players improve, in whatever small way and to really make the most of their ability. I was injured at 23 and had to stop playing...maybe Its because of this that I really don't want players to give up or waste their talent.

The club has become just an amazing place to be. Amazing people and such fun.

Alan Oliver - Level 2 


Colin Leslie - Level 1A


Sarah Bok - Level 2

Heiko Buxel - Level 1 in progress

David Laing - Level 1 A


Coach at the Bathgate section. 

I first passed my first coaching qualification in the late 80's! I have come back to coaching in the past few years with Lothian Junior Badminton and through LDBC have gained the Level 1 and Level 1 Advanced. 

I decided to get involed with the LDBC when I heard that the Bathgate club was looking for volunteers and put my hand up! My goal is to see the players enjoy their badminton and improve their skills at the same time.

For any coach to see players they are working with improve and enjoy their sport is a bonus and I see this every week at the club, it’s a really positive experience. 

Jamie Munroe - Badminton Basics


Christine Black - Level 3


Fiona Christie - Badminton Basics