“Open to all - Open for all”

LOTHIAN DISABILITY BADMINTON CLUB was established on 19th February 2008 and has experienced continued growth and development since then. Currently the club has over 60 members with a mix of ability, age and disability.

The club has two geographical sections:

Musselburgh Sports Centre

Tuesday 6-7 pm beginner section for all ages,abilities and disabilities

7pm - 9pm for players with a physical or learning disability. 

Bathgate Academy

Wednesday 6pm – 8pm for players with all disabilities.

The cost is £4.00 per session with the first taster session being offered free. Annual Membership fee is £25.

Both club sections welcome those new to the sport as well as experienced players, providing the necessary opportunities to learn new skills and improve on existing ones in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Qualified and experienced coaches are present at both clubs together with volunteer helpers.

Our “open to all” approach is a reflected in the wide mix of differing playing abilities in the club membership. This in turn provides great variety and interaction and the potential for future development.

LDBC Commitee 2019/20

badminton_92_of_107.jpgChristine Black - President       badminton_65_of_107.jpg

Emma Foley - Chairperson

Colin Leslie - Vice-Chairperson 

Lyndon Williams  - Secretary 

Steve Clark - Treasurer

Fiona Cameron - Sitting member

David Laing - Sitting Member

Jean Munro - Sitting Member 

Debbie McCraw - Special Olympics Rep

Gill Doyle - Bathgate Rep

Ross Foley - Co-opted

The goal of the club is to positively support both the social and competitive players of all ages and looks to provide the best possible support for all.

For those players keen to play socially, every support is offered to provide the right environment for this to happen. The established group of friendly coaches, volunteers, together with some of the more established players have undertaken training in order to ensure that a very positive, supportive environment is provided at all times. Some of our younger players especially enjoy being trained by those coaches who themselves have enjoyed success at national and international competitions.

Attention is also given to those athletes who wish to progress to playing at a higher level. Indeed players from the club have participated successfully at both national and international level achieving a higher number of medals. The club supports these athletes with additional training and financial support where possible and has produced some of the best disabled badminton players in the UK.


The club has strong links with the 4 Nations Parabadminton Tournaments as well Badminton Scotland and the Badminton World Federation.

We wish to continue to provide the facility for players to reach their full potential, from the development of skills to improving their all round play and to provide high level coaching for all.

The ongoing development and training of our coaches is key to the future development of the club and our goal is to continue to train new coaches through the Scottish Badminton Basics Modules and UKCC Level 1 and 2 awards. Those joining the club, as players, and who are keen to progress in this way can also benefit from this training.

The club is keen to provide assistance with equipment where appropriate, including making rackets and shuttles available at all training sessions. Further support may be possible with sport wheelchairs being made available if needed.

The club has been successful in attracting funding most recently from ‘Awards for All’ and will continue to seek all relevant funding, where appropriate.

We are actively involved in promoting disability sport by attending awareness and demonstration events wherever possible.

Parents and other family members are encouraged to stay and watch and from this has grown a social network which provides further support to players and family members alike.

Badminton is great fun socially and also challenging for the individual and the LDBC wants everyone to come and join in the fun.